Participating Societies
AOS is a unification of local cancer societies in Asia. National representative Cancer Societies can join AOS member society.
as of January 2020

No. Country Affiliation
1 China China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA)
2 China China Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO)
3 Hong Kong Hong Kong Cancer Therapy Society
4 India Academia of Head and Neck Oncology of Karnataka (AHNOK)
5 India Association of Maharashtra Medical Oncologists (AMMO)
6 India Gujarat OncoLions Society (GOL)
7 India Indian Association of Surgical Oncology (IASO)
8 India Indian Cooperative Oncology Network
9 India Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology (ISMPO)
10 India Indian Society of Oncology
11 India Integrated Academic Society of Clinical Oncology (IASCO)
12 India Leadership Immuno Oncology Network
13 India Molecular Oncology Society
14 India Saarc Federation of Oncology
15 Indonesia Tamil Nadu Medical & Pediatric Oncology Society (TAMPOS)
16 Indonesia Indonesian Association for the Study of The Liver(Ina ASL)
17 Indonesia Indonesian Radiation Oncology Society
18 Indonesia Indonesian Society of Gynecologic Oncology(INASGO)
19 Indonesia Indonesian Urology Oncology Society (IUOS)
20 Indonesia The Indonesian Society of Hematology Medical Oncology
21 Indonesia The Indonesian Society of Surgical Oncology
22 Iran Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation Research Center
23 Japan Japan Surgical Society (JSS)
24 Japan Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO)
25 Japan Japan Society of Clinical Oncology (JSCO)
26 Japan Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (JSMO)
27 Korea Korean Breast Cancer Society
28 Korea Korean Cancer Association
29 Korea Korean Society for Radiation Oncology
30 Korea Korean Society of Coloproctology
31 Korea Korean Society of Medical Oncology
32 Korea Korean Society of Surgical Oncology
33 Korea The Korean Gastric Cancer Association
34 Nepal Nepal Oncology Society
35 Pakistan Radiation Oncology Society of Pakistan (ROS-RSP)
36 Pakistan Society of Medical Oncology Pakistan (SMOP)
37 Philippines Philippine Society of Medical Oncology/
38 Philippines Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines
39 Philippines Philippine Cancer Society
40 Singapore Singapore Society of Oncology
41 Taiwan Taiwan Oncology Society (TOS)
42 Thailand The Thai Society of Clinical Oncology (TSCO)
43 Vietnam Vietnamese Cancer Society