AOS Inauguration Ceremony

Hit 826 2019-12-06

The Inauguration ceremony of the Asian Oncology Society was successfully held on October 25, 2019 in Fukuoka, Japan during JSCO 2019 with the former APFOCC members, the former ACOS members and also the AOS councilors from the 14 participating countries in attendance.

Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida, the President of JSCO2019 and the secretary general of AOS, welcomed the participants from many different countries. Prof. Dong-Young Noh, the former chairman of APFOCC, and Prof. Shigetoyo Saji, the honorary president of ACOS, also congratulate the inauguration of the unified society, AOS.

Prof. Yeul Hong Kim, the President of AOS proclaims the official launch of AOS with the remark that "We hope to work with other oncology experts from many different countries so that we can make concerted efforts to stop the increasing global cancer burden."