2019 AOS Business Meeting

Hit 1134 2019-12-11

The AOS Business Meeting was held on October 25, 2019, in Fukuoka, Japan during JSCO 2019 (The 57th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Oncology) with the AOS Council members from the 14 participating countries in attendance.


Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida, Secretary General of AOS and President of JSCO 2019, started the AOS Business Meeting with his welcome message. He expressed his sincere appreciation to all the AOS council members and the former members of APFOCC and ACOS.


Prof. Yeul Hong Kim, President of AOS, reported AOS activities and following issues;


1. Elected the 1st AOS President and appointed the Secretary General and the Auditor.

2. Reported the status of the AOS Participating Societies

3. Introduced the current AOS Council members and Board members, Scientific Committee

4. Reported AOS Membership and Membership fee

5. Introduced 1st International Conference of AOS (AOS 2020) and 2nd International Conference of AOS (AOS 2021)  

6. AOS logo


Prof. Han Kwang Yang, Secretary General of AOS and Conference President of AOS 2021, introduced the 2nd International Conference of Asian Oncology Society, which will be held on June 17-19, 2021, Seoul, Korea.